*Evolution - Diversion 16-3*  (2005, thermoform abs)

Purchased from the original owner in Florida. This yak is very unique and innovative, a true original. She was designed and manufactured by Bill Masters, the founder of Perception kayaks, in Greenville, South Carolina.. I find the visual appearance very appealing, think 60's Jag XKE, it's a piece of sculpture. The true innovation is the hull design, it's an hourglass parabolic shape (twin beam), which provides some interesting technical advantages: It has perhaps the strongest secondary stability of any kayak and extreme edging capability.This boat was only manufactured in small numbers for less than 1 year. There was also a 14ft version. List prices: 14'- $1649 | 16'- $1799. A definite collectors item.


The only other kayak manufactured with a similar hull design that I am aware of is:  Warren Light Craft


The original manufacturers website is still up:  www.evolutionkayaks.com


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At 11 Mile Reservoir, CO

My Fleet-Homepage

The unique hull design with "Wings"

Name: Rod

Location: Central Mountains - Colorado

Favorite paddle spot: 11 Mile Reservoir

Comments: She's a beauty!

Boat >

Length: 16' 3"

Color: Ferrari red

Date of manufacture: May 2005

Date of purchase: September 2010





Name: Bernadette

Location: SW Washington

Favorite paddle spot: Columbia River Gorge

Comments: When people first see it, they immediately compare it to a sleek, sexy sports car. However, I just think of it as my beloved "Banana Boat!" :-)

Boat >

Length: 16' 3"

Color: Yellow

Date of manufacture: ?

Date of purchase: November 2005

Note: This is apparently the first Evolution sold


Owners Group

Beacon Rock - Columbia River Gorge

Photo: Eric Hunter

I would be happy to relay messages between owners

I came across an ad in Craigslist, dated Feburary 11, 2015 from the Baltimore area for a 14 foot Evolution Diversion (best offer). Here's the photo: